A new cutting board

Like a lot of kitchens, we have a pull out cutting board underneath one of our counters. Our house is a 1960’s ranch, with a kitchen that is mostly original, as you can see from the counter top. Certainly the cutting board was. It was unusable as anything but a shelf when we moved in. It was made out of fir plywood, and the outer plys were all chopped away. It was nasty.

So I made a new one. I had large chunk of maple left over from another project, and after resawing it into planks I glued them up and breadboarded the ends. I finished it with mineral oil, and it’s a huge improvement over what we had. It’s smooth, and clean, and I can actually put food on it. At first I hesitated, since we have a poly cutting board that would fit, but there’s ample evidence that a wood board is no less sanitary, and possibly more sanitary than a plastic one.


I was in the process of making a dress up island to hold the girls’ dress up clothes, but realized I’d gotten pretty rusty in the shop so I decided to do the cutting board to refresh my skills. I’m glad I did. The board was a bit of a comedy of clumsiness but it absorbed a few mistakes easily. It would have really stunk to have ruined the other project.

I always underestimate how much of fine woodworking is a skill that has to be kept in practice. I also always underestimate how cathartic it is to make something useful.

The Computer Cart / Table is For Sale!

You may remember a post I put up a while back about a small computer cart / table I made a prototype of a while back:

I had a request for more pictures of the computer table/cart prototype, so here ya go:

Cartpics 008 mod
Cartpics 009 mod

Cartpics 010 mod

Well, post kids, the cart just doesn’t work very well in our living room. It’s just too much of a magnet for our daughters, and that makes it pretty hard to use!

Since there was a lot of interest in it, I thought I’d see if anyone would like to buy it. I will be posting more pics of details, but here’s some to get started:

The Good:

  • It’s made of solid hard maple with one piece of birch plywood. It’s pretty strong – I put my feet up on it all the time. I wouldn’t sit on it though. Mortise and tenon joinery was used on the legs, biscuits or dados were used otherwise.
  • The remote holder is screwed on, and is removable. It could be set on a table or hung on a wall, for that matter.
  • The outlet strip is included.

The Bad:

  • It’s unfinished aside from a very light coat of , and has a few stains from drinks being left on it. Nothing major, but it could use some sanding.
  • If you remove the remote holder (which makes the cart a little tippy when it’s empty) there will be 3 screw holes in the back wall.
  • I had to wrap electrical tape over the zip ties I used to tie the outlet strip down, which might require some solvent to remove completely.

Other notes:

  • You’ll need a square drive screw driver to put it together – but I’ll send the appropriate hex bit to the buyer.
  • The cart will not be a very large package, but it will be large – I’d estimate shipping (buyer pays) to be $25+ to the US.
  • Payment is via paypal, in US Dollars.

I’d like to auction this item, but I’d also like to avoid Ebay because of their many fees.

Anyone have any suggestions? If not, why not simply comment with your bid, and/or any questions? I will let the bidding go until midnight, central standard time on May 5th.

A wooden iPod?!?

Looking for a really cool way to use up those scraps of exotic hardwood you have lying around? Looking for a way to make something you can carry that will really catch people’s attention?

How about a wooden iPod.

This is not for the faint of heart, and carving the faceplate to only 2mm thick is going to require some very sharp tools. Still, it’s the kind of project that really makes a statement.

I like it!

Multigenerational Bookcase

Over on C.S. Hayden’s blog he’s talking about starting a new project – a multigenerational bookcase. What catches my eye is his mentioning that he expects this peice to last until his grandchildren are using it. Wisely, he also mentions that the design will be critical – as it will be if you expect those grandchildren to want the bookcase in their house.

His post mentions more to follow…let’s hope so!