in Entrepreneur Magazine

Woohoo! I just found the article Entrepreneur Magazine did on my site It’s not long, but I’m still pleased. You can see the article online, but as a print guy I think it’s got a special something when on an offset printed, silicone-coated magazine page šŸ˜Ž

Now I need to get rolling on the next version of NumberQuotes – I promise it will be a vast improvement!

David Pogue and the power of a single tweet

David Pogue, a writer for the New York Times, apparently found my new site, and tweeted about it at about 10:30pm last night. I realized something was up because all of a sudden I got a huge traffic spike. I had gotten one a few weeks ago when Michael Hyatt tweeted NumberQuotes, but this one was a bit steeper. I noticed that the hits all seemed to be direct – as if people were entering the address rather than hitting a link on a site somewhere. I know that this is how hits from a tweet show up, so I went to twitter and did a search.

Sure enough, David Pogue, with 1.3 million followers, had tweeted it. Then a boat load of other folks retweeted it. Mr. Pogue clearly has a lot of quality followers!

The result? Over 2,500 uniques and growing. All from a single tweet. Thank you Mr. Pogue, for giving my fledgling site such a boost!

I think I need to beef up my twittering!


I got frustratedĀ  while looking for quotes to add scale to some numbers in a presentation I was doing. “1.5 million is a lot – a stack of 1.5 million credit cards would be twice as tall as the CN tower in Toronto” kind of thing. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and finally ended up coming up with my own. I figured there had to be a better way.

Thus is born. Enter your number, and get a bunch of interesting quotes.

It was a fun problem to solve, if a subtly difficult one. I will be adding new data over time, so if you don’t see what your looking for, send me an email.