Dear Amazon: Fix your recommendation engine

Dear Amazon,

Still loving the new Kindle. I’ve even bought a few new books, and then I got an email from you with recommendations for more.

The first book mentioned, Business Model Generation looks very interesting. One problem though; it’s not available on the Kindle. Because there’s no “other editions”, or “tell the publisher you want to read this on the Kindle” button in the mobile version of Amazon, in order to figure this out I had to exit the web page, start up the kindle app and do a search. Not very convenient.

While you’re fixing that, how about you also change the way samples work so that when I buy the book the sample is automatically deleted after the location is saved on the purchased copy. Having to find where the sample left off in the new copy is a pain. Having to delete the sample is also a pain.

Check your Amazon affiliate links

If you have Amazon affiliate book links you’ll want to consider adding some. Here’s the story:

I was reading Jim Raffel’s excellent post on staying motivated, and clicked the link to take a look at It’s easier than you think – a book he linked to an Amazon affiliate page on.

Well I’m on my iPhone and the Amazon app comes up with the book. But the problem is that I’m interested in the Kindle version, not the dead-tree version. Only there’s no way to click over to the Kindle version without doing a search, which I’m guessing breaks the link to the affiliate account.

Do we need to have two links? One for paper books, and one for Kindle books?