Garmin is down. Is life really happening?

Since Thursday I have not been able to get my resting heart rate, Garmin stress score, or number of steps from my Garmin watch. They have been attacked by Evil Corp’s WastedLocker ransomware, and haven’t yet gotten their stuff back online.

Clearly it sucks to be Garmin right now. It also sucks to be in Portland, or to have Coronavirus.

It sucks less to feel like life stopped because of some silly metrics I didn’t even have 6 years ago but now feel are integral to living my life. I’m still breathing, still living, but for some reason it all just seems less important now. Less managed. What has my life come to?

Apparently if I can’t go back and look at a map of an activity, if I can’t see my average heart rate and speed, somehow it didn’t really happen. I should just be happy that I did the activity – I’m doing it for the enjoyment, right? If I go paddle boarding, it’s not because I need to haul goods or get points but because it is fun. But here I sit feeling like it won’t count.

I think this device has corrupted my ability to live.

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