Getting Rails Running

I haven’t posted much here lately (if we consider lately the last year or so 😉 because I’ve been focusing more effort on my two other sites, and The latter is one that I actually have to write software for, and I’m developing the site in Ruby on Rails.

I originally wrote it in Rails 2, but after a while it was clear I would have to get it up to Rails 3. Between that, and the fact that the server that’s supporting all these sites is still on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (LTS means long term support, and the current version is 12.04 LTS) I figured I should start moving everything to the newer version of Ubuntu.

Yow! Installing Ruby, Rails, and the other various moving parts was no simple task. After trying several different methods and running into mysterious dependencies that wouldn’t resolve I ran across RailsReady.

Oh. My. God. After spending about 8 hours on the problem, to have it solved in just a few command lines is both extremely satisfying and frustrating. Why isn’t this technique more widely known?

If you’re trying to get Rails ( and ruby, RVM, Passenger, Git, etc.) running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, use RailsReady.

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