Can the Kindle be family friendly?

So now we have two Kindles – the K3 I bought, and the K2 my father passed down to my daughters when he just upgraded. Junie B. Jones and The Magic Tree House are available, so my older daughter is happy, but my 4 year old is also enjoying playing (if not exactly reading yet) and my wife seems like she’d like one too.

While the thrill will probably wear off for my daughters, I know where this is going long term, and there’s going to be problems.

Eventually my daughters will want their own accounts, even if my wife and I can share one. Right now everything is on one account, but when and how do we switch? When the switch happens, the girls will lose a lot of content, no? It seems silly, not to mention complicated, to get separate accounts for the girls but it might be easier now than later.

Has anyone else gone through this already?

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