Mainstream Media Isn’t Dying

So have a look at this tweet by @Galrahn. He talks about watching a government fall on twitter while CNN was interviewing the host of Jeopardy about a robot contestant. Then someone else re-tweeted with a comment about ‘mainstream media’ is dying. There’s been more than a few tweets along these lines.

While it is very sad if America doesn’t care about the fall of a government when there’s important game-show happenings a foot, this is not proof that mainstream media is dying. It’s proof of the opposite in my mind.

News is no longer about the objective happenings of the world, it’s about hooking viewers and selling advertising. There’s a lot of talk these days about media agendas & bias. There is plenty of bias in every direction, but the one agenda every form of media has is to get more eyeballs. If those eyeballs couldn’t find Tunisia on a map unless you pasted a naked picture of Brittany Spears on top of it, you’re better off showing something else if you want to keep those eyeballs.

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