The risk of choosing the best

It would seem to be common sense that given a choice of several options, you should choose the best one. But, the determination of ‘best’ is often a tricky business.

When I was selecting a survey vendor for my employer, SurveyGizmo rose to the top pretty quickly. It had the features and the plan that made sense for us. Really it was not much of a contest – they had features the competitors just didn’t offer.

Right choice, right? Well maybe not.

If I choose them because they are the most desirable, then so will everyone else. In the world of web-based services where service is offered at some level for free, choosing the best means taking the risk that you may not have the product available when you need it.

As the best choice is discovered, the load on their resources goes up, and availability of the product goes down. Today I find that I often cannot get to my data in a timely manner, sometimes can’t even get to the site, and the response from SurveyGizmo is that server response is getting slower during business hours and I should run reports in the evening.

While this phenomenon isn’t unique to the web or cloud offerings, it’s in this industry where it is felt most sharply.

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