Google Apps for Domains on the way out?

I use Google’s apps for domains, and have for some time, but it may be time to change.

While the email is great, and has awesome spam filtering, the problem is that I think Google may not keep it around for very long. Why do I think this? Because Apps just doesn’t get the new stuff. It really still doesn’t have the old stuff. Being in Apps means your cut off from the rest of the Google experience. This thread on Google Groups demonstrates it best – Google Apps for your domain is just not connected to the rest of Google.

Recently a friend invited me to Wave. When I went there I found it was connected to my ‘other’ account – the one that has analytics, adsense, adwords, etc. I can’t get to either Buzz or Wave from my email account that is tied to my domain. That’s a huge problem. I can’t get to either Buzz or Wave, even though they are tied to email, and I can’t keep the contacts I use for any of them together.

It comes down to either use Buzz & Wave, and choose another email provider, or put off Buzz and Wave until Google decides to make Apps part of the family. Pardon me while I hold my breath.

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