Google Wave? So far, no thanks

A well-meaning friend who I respect recently sent me an invitation to Google Wave. So far, Wave seems to suck.

First, even though it’s in invitation only mode my usual username, swduncan, is taken. Even with a 1 stuck on the end. That’s a deal breaker right there as I have enough credentials to remember already…even more so considering that this is Google and given that I have both an account AND domain-based ( apps with them having to pick yet another username with them is stupid. Google has always been brain dead in the username management department.

But when I look at the opening screen I see what looks like an older version of Yahoo mail. Yup, folders, spam, trach, favorites…how is this different from mail?

So I look around trying to figure out why/how this is different then mail, and I find videos. Great. The concept is so complicated I can’t be expected to learn it without watching a 10 minute movie. Looking at the few bullet points scattered in various welcome items, it seems Wave purports to do all the things I already have other sites to do. Only Google’s thoughtfully pulled them together into another tool they can mine data from.

I don’t need another inbox to check, or another system sending me emails telling me I need to go check something, another list of friends to manage, another environment full of extensions to install and worry about, or another infrastructure to organize. Is it me, or is the mere maintenance of one’s online existence becoming a part-time job?

I know, it’s early in the morning and I’m a bit cranky, but Goog’s goona have to bring a lot more more to this table for me to be interested.

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