Check your Amazon affiliate links

If you have Amazon affiliate book links you’ll want to consider adding some. Here’s the story:

I was reading Jim Raffel’s excellent post on staying motivated, and clicked the link to take a look at It’s easier than you think – a book he linked to an Amazon affiliate page on.

Well I’m on my iPhone and the Amazon app comes up with the book. But the problem is that I’m interested in the Kindle version, not the dead-tree version. Only there’s no way to click over to the Kindle version without doing a search, which I’m guessing breaks the link to the affiliate account.

Do we need to have two links? One for paper books, and one for Kindle books?

One thought on “Check your Amazon affiliate links

  1. Fantastic advice Steve! Now I need to find the time to go fix all of mine. At first I thought “oh this is going to appear as such as obvious money grab on my part.” Then I thought about it and realized I am only recommending books I have read and feel my readers would enjoy and benefit from. So, making that purchase decision easier for them is really being of service to them.


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