IPad – folks are missing the point

I’ve read several cooments now, and heard even more about how the iPad doesn’t fit. It’s too big to be handy like an iPhone, and too limited to take the place of a laptop.

I think people are missing the point.

I think the iPad is a stepping stone device. I think it represents what we all will be carrying in the future, but it will take another iteration or two.

The reason is that while computing and communication are merging faster than ever, the traditions of the two formerly separate camps are hard to break. But when they are broken, the iPad will be the answer.

People say they don’t want to carry something that big because they haven’t seen what the size has to offer. The iPhone evolved from the phone, which originally allowed one to do little more than talk to someone. It was a necessary evil, and thus need to be small and light.

The laptop is reall still a desktop made portable, but netbooks have shown people can be happy with far less.

In the end I think the iPad will be
profitable, but it will be the next version that really changes the game.

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