A simple way to not irritate your visitors

Do you have double doors? You know, the typical aluminum & glass doors that nearly every store or small office has.

Have you ever walked up to one of those doors and tried to open it, only to find it is locked and you have to use the other one? What ran through your mind?

It’s annoying. It says that the microscopic potential energy loss or door hinge maintenance is more important than ease of entry or exit. It makes it more difficult when people are entering and exiting at the same time. Maybe you felt stupid, as if you were supposed to see that the door was locked somehow.

If you’ve locked the door on the right upon entry, you’re irritating people before they even have a chance to meet you. If you lock the other one, the last thing going through their mind as they leave is unpleasant.

Adding a sign that says ‘use other door’ doesn’t help. It might as well say ‘Welcome cattle! Make sure you follow all rules and signs or your visit will become even more unpleasant!’

Do us all a favor, and unlock the door.

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