Gardening on time for the first time

Every year about June 15th or so my wife says ‘we should plant a garden!’ We had one in our last house, but we never got around to making one in the new place. The problem is that mid-June is rather late to plant a garden, let alone go about digging it out and getting it ready. So we plan a sun flowers, and resolve to do something next year. Fast forward to the following June…rinse…wash…repeat.

This year will be different! This year the idea popped into my head here in January, and I’m so happy I have time to plan and prepare properly.

I’ve decided to use the square foot gardening method again. We used it at the last place and it works well. I think I will need about four 4-foot square blocks, and I’ve put together a spreadsheet for planning what to plant where, and when. All of this work I’ll have to do in April seems easy enough in January, with snow on the ground šŸ˜Ž

I decided to start plants indoors to save some money, as I already had lights and some space. It also takes me back to my childhood, when my dad had one room of the house teaming with plant life in preparation for spring planting. It was like being in a greenhouse.

Getting the plant stand ready

I made a simple rack to hold the lights and trays, and added a mat to heat the seedlings. After I got some planted, I figured out that I’m probably about a month early, but that’s ok. I’ll plant some more at the correct time.

Planting bench and started seedlings

The girls were more than happy to help, and while handling the micro-sized seeds isn’t the best fit, I realized I needed lots labels. So they drew pictures of the plants on some wood scraps, I added the name, supplier, etc. and we’re in business!

Home made plant labels.

The other day I got my first seed catalog, and it’s a lot of fun to look through. Everything looks wonderful, of course, and it’s hard not to order another 30 packets of seeds. I have to remember that at some point all of these plants must be put into the ground outside.

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