Personal finance software revisited: not so good

Why is the world of personal financial management software so awful? About twice a year I go looking for a solution that works, and I always end up wasting a bunch of time and come up empty handed.

Just this week I once again set forth to find something, and thought I’d finally found it when I tried While MInt’s got lots of features that make people happy, it has at least one major flaw that will keep me from using it. It records all my electronically paid bills as ‘BP’, and then dutifully categorizes them as fuel. I’m not the only one with this kind Mint problem, and since my specific ‘Mint renaming all transactions as BP‘ problem was posted by someone else in 2008. While I’ve filed a support request, I’m not optimistic. It would seem that Mint is focused on the users where their automation works, not where it doesn’t.

I then tried Wesabe, but after I registered and picked my credit union, they prompted me to upload my transactions. What, is this 1995?

Does ANYONE make a decent personal financial management product that a) Connects to my credit union, which is Educator’s Credit Union in WI and b) Also connects to the usual other institutions, and c) Works?

4 thoughts on “Personal finance software revisited: not so good

  1. Quickbooks Online Edition, and they offer a trial period of something like 30 days. For us, it has been worth it because it handles multiple accounts, does downloads fairly well, and accommodates 3 users in the base price, so some of us can use it when we travel.

    Credit unions are always a problem because they are technically retarded, intentionally. Tech is usually not their market, and so long as economies accrue more for doing nothing than for upgrading something, they’ll stay as they are.


  2. Hi Tim,

    I tried Quicken a while back – even ended up writing a blog post about it. It just wasn’t reliable, both in terms of logging in and in connecting with banks.

    I may try it again as it’s been a while though…


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