Strange food

There’s something about winter and holidays that brings strange cravings.

The other night I found myself in the position of cooking dinner for me alone. In a flash of inspiration, I cooked a double cheeseburger, with long horn colby cheese.

For a bun I decided to try something new: Eggo Waffles. I toasted and buttered them and added a few Jalapeno slices. The sweet waffles worked with the peppers, and there’s little to not like about juicy burger patties and colby cheese. I seriously thought about filling one waffles’ nooks and crannies with minced garlic. I decided to consider the rest of the family and left it off.

The only word of warning I have is that waffles don’t stand up to juices too well, so have napkins at the ready.

Tonight my daughters are sitting around a bowl of freshly fallen snow. They’re gobbling it down like it was the finest ice cream. They finished the first bowl and just asked me for a second.

A well-meaning(?) person at our daycare, upon hearing about their obsession with the white & fluffy, suggested we melt some, run it through a coffee filter, and by virtue of the gunk left over show the girls why it’s not a good idea. I think I’ll leave things as they are. They’re not living on the stuff.

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