Wapple, we have a problem

I installed the impressive-looking Wapple Architect plugin to WordPress to add mobile capabilities, and found I have to register to receive a dev key to use the software. That was customer barrier #1.

Barrier number 2 came when I tried to register by following the link the plugin provided on my iPhone:


So I figured it was just a mobile thing, so I tried the desktop and was able to register. Then when I tried to use the confirmation link they sent me on the iPhone, I got the same page not found error. This time it was not just a mobile thing – my desktop gets a 500 Internal Server Error.

I guess so much for the Wapple plugin!

UPDATE #2: Hmmm…just got a Dev Key email, and the plugin now works. It’s really pretty darn complete, and well thought out.

2 thoughts on “Wapple, we have a problem

    1. Hi Pierre – that sounds like the plugin is not installed correctly. I didn’t have trouble getting to the wp-admin, just their registration page.


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