WordPress is better than Drupal

WordPress is better than Drupal. At least for this blog.

Back in May I made the switch to Drupal. It has a lot of power, I felt more comfortable developing for it, and I was just sure I could leverage this power to huge benefit.

Instead I ended up with a very feature laden site that was hard to maintain. Drupal does have a ton of power and flexibility, but it comes at a price.

Drupal will tempt you. At first you’ll be giddy with the possibilities. However once you’ve started building things you’ll find you have a mountain of modules. Updates have gone from a quaintly archaic process of copying a few files to spending more than an hour documenting, disabling, checking, copying, enabling, and checking again. Even updating a module requires downloading, copying, taking the site offline to run database updates. After appropriate backups of course.

If you don’t mind learning some more shell commands, you can automate things with DRUSH, and it’s various add-ons. At this point you’ve nearly learned a new profession however.

My advice is if you’re a blogger who doesn’t want site maintenance as a hobby, there’s no choice. Use WordPress.

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