Yep, blogging will make a comeback

Blogging is coming back.

Via Rick Klau I learned that Don Loeb thinks that blogging will make a comeback. I agree, for more reasons than Don cites. Yes Twitter will spawn some new bloggers, but I think we will also see a researgance of old bloggers.

I, like many I suspect, was caught up in the social media fervor and ditched a lot of blogging time to play with facebook and spend more time on linkedin. Now I look back and think I might have put that effort to better use.

I’m going refocusing on blogging more.


  • I own the content. No spelunking through terms of service or worrying about who owns what, or when it will dissappear, or how to delete it.
  • I control the terms of use. If I want ads, I can have them. If I want to block a user, I can.
  • I get metrics. It’s a joke to call linkedin a marketing platform when you have no metrics on how it’s working for you, more importantly how it isn’t.
  • It’s all me. Good, bad, or otherwise I’m it. Blogging is an expression of ego, and I don’t want to share the screen with others 🙂
  • Less distractions. No hurling sheep or poking people, or another channel of distribution that calls for more content. No new applications to figure out, worry about, or maintain.

If social media hasn’t jumped the shark already it is on the ramp. Facebook, Twitter, and linkedin will continue, but as folks learn the real value proposition for themselves their usage will diminish, and blogging’s value will be rediscovered.

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