Access data import is idiotic

So I’m importing a bunch of data into Access from Excel, and for whatever reason today is a day full of strange bugs and bizarre behaviour. So I’ve resorted to exporting much of the data out of Excel into CSV files…


Have you ever noticed these idiotic things about importing data into Access?

  1. If you try to import a CSV file, you’ll get an error if the file is open in any other pogram. Why? I can import in other contexts with no problems with open files.
  2. When you open a CSV file in Excel, and then save it, Excel throws up an error box stating that the sheet may contain features that are incompatible with CSV format. I’m not sure how that could be, but one must still answer that they do indeed want to keep the file in the format it is in before Excel will save the file.
  3. Excel (and Word) often decide that you have changed something in a file when you haven’t, prompting you to save when you don’t need to. CSV files are simple in format – if I didn’t add or subtract data, it didn’t change.

I know there are several import tools out there, but it bugs me to have to buy another application to get something done that Access/Excel should do more easily.


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