The blogosphere seems lonely today

What’s happened to blogging?

Is it me? Do I just have a romantic view or a faulty memory?

I remember the good old days in blogging. I wasn’t posting a lot even then, but other people were. I tried to follow a couple hundred bloggers, and it wasn’t easy. At least, I remember thinking I was letting people down every time I opened my feed reader.

But nowadays it seems like there aren’t many old-style bloggers left. The ones who were good have largely opened their blogs up to ‘Guest Authors’ – I remember when Slacker Manager was written by Brendon – or have degenerated into other forms, or are just reposting their twitter stuff. Nope, I still don’t get twitter.

I know I don’t post as much as I used to, but it seems like everyone I read is in the same boat. The blogosphere seems lonely today.

What happened? Did we just run out of stuff to say?

Maybe I just need a new set of blogs to follow.

One thought on “The blogosphere seems lonely today

  1. Hey Steve,

    You’re talking about a slowing blog community and I just started one. It’s more to force myself to track my garden this year, so that I have better documentation of my mistakes 😉

    I hope all is well out your way!


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