Nifty Graphing Tool

As part of a search to find a good source of information for our members, I ended up seeing a few demos of Bloomberg Professional. It’s a very impressive service, with a even more startling price tag, and the kind of contract and usage terms that no doubt make Bloomberg’s lawyers happy to work there.

Anyway, I noticed during the demos they have a very cool graphing tool that allowed a user to pick any two tickers and see them graphed together. It’s amazing how often you can want to do this once you have data, so I kept thinking about the tool.

Well, we may not get the Bloomberg service, but I thought I’d take a stab at making my own graphing tool. There aren’t many sources of data in it yet, but I will add them as I can. If you’ve got something you want let me know and I’ll add it.

I think I’d also like to make the tool so that you can specify the tickers on the url, along with a date range. Really, there are a ton of features I’ve written down and I hope to add them over time.

In the mean time, give it a try!

[UPDATE: I’ve now added the graphing tool to this blog. Just follow the Graph It! link at the top of the page.]

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