No Personal Finance Software for Mac?

This is frustrating.

I had an account with Quicken Online, but then yesterday I couldn’t login. Still can’t. No error message, no explanation. I go to support, and after filling in their online support request form (which asks for my user ID) I have to create another account to submit the support request. How stupid. I’m tempted to say goodbye Quicken! But, I will need something else.

Enter iBank. Seems to get good reviews. Made for mac, so presumably it’s free from the rampant idiocy one sees in software made for Windows.

Nope. I download the trial, and import a few months of checkbook transactions to try the software out during the supposed 30-day trial, and I get a message box saying I can use iBank in trial mode until one of my accounts has 75 transactions,  and I can use it for 15 minutes or purchase. Sorry iBank, I have way more than 75 transactions in one month, so I’ll keep looking. Might want to change the misleading “30-day trial” notice on your site though.

Is there solid, reasonably priced personal finance software for the mac?

2 thoughts on “No Personal Finance Software for Mac?

  1. @SWDuncan,

    I’m sorry you had trouble logging in yesterday. We addressed the issue as quickly as possible, and if you try again, it should work fine now.

    If basic personal finance service is what you’re looking for, Quicken Online would probably be the best fit for you (as far as Quicken products go) but I can tell you that this summer, we’ll ship the final the Quicken Financial Life for Mac product (currently in beta). You can learn more about it here:

    Sorry again for your frustration. Hope you’ll give Quicken Online another shot – it is up and running again.

    – Chelsea, Quicken Online


  2. I use MoneyDance and have no problems with it, other than it downloads dividends strangely from USAA, but USAA inputs dividends strangely on their website and in their download. The easy work around is to delete two of the three transactions it creates for a dividend.


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