Hey VMWare, did you notice the missing sale?

From time to time I need to run the odd Windows app, and while I still have a few laptops that have XP on them, it’s more convenient to do it on my mac. I’ve tried both Parallels and VM Fusion, and to be honest I don’t think I could differentiate them. They’re both the same price, and since the latest trial I used was VM Fusion, when I decided to buy this morning I figured I’d stick with them.

I am always amazed when I see how hard companies will make it to do business with them, and VMWare proved to be like so many others. Instead of just taking my money and giving me a product, they want to waste my time create a “relationship” first. I must have a login. Of course, I already have one because I had to create one to get the trial. But now it doesn’t work. So I try to recreate it. They won’t let me – they say that the account already exists.

Let’s clarify what should be happening: I give VMWare $80. They give me a very large number that makes the software work. What could be simpler? I should be able to go to a single page, enter my credit card info and email address, click, get email with magic number, done. It should be easy, but it isn’t.

Most transactions are like this. I will have very little interaction with the company once the sale is made, but they always want me to make an account. It is almost always just a speed bump for all future transactions. The only time I actually use these accounts is when I go back looking for tracking info to find out what happened to the package. Not much tracking to be done for software downloads.

Some companies, like Land’s End, are smart enough to know that I may not care to create an account. They’re smart enough to give me the option of just making the sale. I wish more were.

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