Twitter: I’m not getting it.

I feel kind of stupid. Almost everyone I know online is using Twitter. Just today I got an email from a friend asking me about it, and someone else wrote a blog post about it. Lots of “famous” people are promoting it as the way to promote oneself. I feel stupid because plenty of smart people are seeing the value, but I’m not.

I’ve tried it several times, and I just don’t get it. I’m following plenty of people, but what I’m reading just isn’t very interesting, although it’s probably more interesting than the stuff I’ve been writing.

I’ve gotten Twitterberry for my BlackBerry, and now that the new version will let me know when someone tweets I feel like the possibility of getting hooked on this is there once again, but only the possibility.

With the new app, I’m going to try again.

In the mean time, could someone please help me understand what I’m so clearly missing?

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