What happened to Lornitropia?

You may have noticed that http://www.lornitropia.net now points to swduncan.com, and I’ve given my blog a new look (temporary, a newer one is on the way). I’ve decided to do this because it’s been over four years since I started Lornitropia, and while I still like blogging, I never really like the name Lornitropia. It was the first really unique word I came up with, and in a fit of energy I decided on it without really considering how long it was. It’s a horrible name. It’s hard to spell, assuming someone hears it properly, which most of the time they don’t.

So I decided to create a new site and move everything over. It seems like everything is working, but I hope that if you discover something broken, you’ll let me know.

I will hang on to the Lornitropia.X domains, but they will now point here.

One thought on “What happened to Lornitropia?

  1. Good move Steve. Have you bought into the whole Twitter movement yet? If not, you should. If you have please follow me and I will follow you.

    I do a lot more on Twitter now because I can make short timely comments and then go back later and turn it into a blog post if appropriate.


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