O’Reilly’s Misleading Offer

So I was looking for some reference books, and since O’Reilly offers good books I had a look at their site. They’re making what seems like a nice offer: Buy 2 books, get 1 for free!

Here is the catch: They don’t mean titles, they mean items. Even though on O’Reilly’s product pages book/pdf bundles appear as normal items with their own prices, they are actually some kind of special offer and considered two items. This means you can not get bundle pricing with the buy 2 get 3 offer. Never mind the fact that buying the paper version covers the cost of the content and the marginal cost of adding the pdf is zero. It’s two items, stupid.

If you are buying a multiple of 3 items, use the code. If not, check the math because with four books it’s cheaper to not use the code, except for shipping, which is free with the code, might make it cheaper, but they don’t add shipping to the total until after you’ve entered your credit card info, which you have to do each time you check your total because they don’t save it.

Assuming the misleading offer doesn’t irritate you enough to go to someone else instead.

If you’re buying paper books, buy through Amazon – they’re cheaper.

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