What do iPhone users use for a phone?

As I’ve written before, the iPhone isn’t a very good phone. I finally got so fed up I decided I should upgrade to the 3G phone even though I didn’t really need the features, or the extra $10/month. Before I headed to the Apple store, however, I checked the apple site discussion area to make sure the new version was in fact a better phone.

Big surprise. It isn’t. Folks are screaming about the dropped calls, and that the solution to the dropped calls is to disable the very feature that makes the 3G phone valuable: The 3G service.

So, what do iPhone users use for a phone? The original iPhone was bad enough already, but if the 3G version is worse, how are people making calls? My solution was simpler and cheaper than getting a new phone – I just reactivated my old Blackberry 7130. It’s not as slick, it’s browser kinda sucks, but it doesn’t drop calls.

I think I’ll keep my old iPhone for a little while, but the prices these things fetch on ebay are pretty enticing. Enough to buy a pretty snazzy new Blackberry 😎

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