Looking for travel size stuff?

Have you ever wondered where you could buy those single-dose packets of medicines, or those single-serving sized packages of cookies or condiments? Check out www.minimus.biz. Their prices aren’t exactly rock bottom, but given that you can order single packets it’s pretty nice and they offer just about any travel or single use sized product you’ve ever seen, including things like laundry detergent.

I’ve long used www.mfasco.com to order medicines in single use packets – they offer generics at pretty good prices – because the packets are easier to open and easier to carry. It’s also a bit safer for the kids because we might leave a single packet laying around, but the box stays on a high shelf. MFASCO really works best for things like ibuprofen that we know we’ll use in large quantities because their main market is companies refilling first aid kits and they sell mainly in bulk quantities. I don’t need 25 doses of, say, Dramamine, but it’s nice to have a few in the first aid kit just in case, and that’s where Minimus works well. I could pick up a few doses of several medicines I don’t need often but desperately need once in a while on the road.

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