iPhone 2.0…iBrick 2.0?

So I’ve waited patiently until this morning to get the iPhone 2.0 update for my iPhone from iTunes, and patiently went through the process of backing up, downloading a 200+mb file, etc. and in the end I get this error box:

I get this error box that says “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred (-9838).” This was no doubt the portion of the iTunes store code written by ex-Microsoft employees. It’s not good when you update the firmware in a product only to have it die in the middle, leaving you with an inoperable product. My iPhone is not configured at all now, and won’t until Apple gets its poo together and iTunes stops having unknown errors.

C’mon Apple, you can’t tell us you didn’t expect high traffic. You know darn well exactly how many iPhones are out there…why the problems?

So, until things calm down, I’ve bricked my phone by doing their update. Great.

[update] I’ve found that the folks in Germany are having similar problems with iBrick 2.0, if my German is still up to speed.

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