Well fed.

I learned something very important today. When riding on a bike path near the lake, the day after heavy rain, when there’s little if any wind and it’s hot and muggy, ride with your MOUTH CLOSED! I didn’t catch enough to actually have to chew their little bodies up to swallow them, but I did get enough that rather than try to spit them out I just took a swig of water to wash them down.

I went on another long ride today – 41.35 miles – and am now basking in the afterglow, as it were. My last long ride was 8 days ago, and 26 miles. My average speed was a bit lower this time, but the ride was pleasant if a bit bumpy & scary on Drexel Ave. I also learned that the people who place the signs for Milwaukee’s famous Oak Leaf Trail (the trail I was riding for most of the ride) assume that if there’s a side loop, like to the botanical gardens (big hill) that you’d just as soon do it, so the mark the trail to take on the loop. Careful map reading is a good habit to get into if you don’t want these side trips.

I also tried out on of my new cycling shirts:


I’ve created several designs, and you can get these great cycling shirts here. Two people commented on the shirt. A guy riding a fixie and pulling a trailer said “If that doesn’t get the point across, nothing will!” A woman on 20th Street, who I passed while hobbling on my last leg home said “I LIKE that shirt!” If I’d had the energy, I would have turned around and tried to sell her one.

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