Ordering from MicrofiberUSA.com? Be very careful!

BE WARNED! MicrofiberUSA.com does supply good product (or at least used to), but their ordering system sucks. If you’ve ordered in the past, when you check out you will find the last billing address you used entered for you. Sort of, because the state will not be entered. If you miss this and try to place your order the system will complain and in the mean time WILL RESET ANY VALUES YOU’VE CHANGED, including changed quantities, addresses, etc. As a result of this, an order of mine went to our old address and was lost.

There is also no way to change your password on the site from the rather short one they supply by default.

I’ve contacted the company about these issues and received no response.

3 thoughts on “Ordering from MicrofiberUSA.com? Be very careful!

  1. Yes I agree with you, I have had good luck in the past, and really liked their suede cloths and 16 x 16 microfiber cloths, but don’t find them real trustworthy.
    This morning I called them and their toll free number I had from my last order isn’t them this morning.


  2. We understand it is hard for us to hear the problems from our customers. But, we will treat those negtive comments as positive ones. We are re-designn our web site and it will be up before the end of Aug. 2009.

    Again, thank you for your comments. We will try our best to improve our services.



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