The printing/YouTube saga continues

I never thought I’d see the day when printing got too hip, but I think we may be there. Just kidding. Actually, none of my table-mates at lunch here at Print Outlook ’08 had seen any of these videos.

I watched the “I love PIA/GATF” video earlier today, and I think the printing industry has probably now exceeded at least a few other industries in terms of hipness. It started with Pazazz Printing’s video that was campy but genuine and (with regard to printing) original.

Now we have another video. Longer. Less genuine. Less original. While I think it’s great that another printing industry player is gutsy enough to make another video, I think it’s maybe time to suggest a few guidelines to all those folks who are writing the next printing industry video:

1. Foul language is no longer shocking or funny. Bleeping it out actually makes it more obtrusive. Even Mike’s joke about foul language seemed a bit worn.

2. We’ve got one guy spreading ink on his toast and another kissing his printing press and sun-bathing under a UV dryer. Nobody is going to demonstrate a love of printing more than that. How about loving quality? Or customers? Or binding?

3. Less than four minutes long. At least no more than six.

4. We all love funny stuff, and what works best on YouTube is funny stuff. What’s really funny is something that people in any industry will understand. Even those yet to enter industry. A group of non-printers at my home roared at the scene in Pazazz’s video where the father asks the son if he’s done his printing exercises yet, and the son’s head drops out of embarrassment. Who hasn’t been nagged by their over-zealous parents to embrace one silly thing or another?

I hope we’ll see more videos. I hope we’ll see enough videos that folks outside of printing are talking about them, and see printing not as a dinosaur industry but a critical industry that’s in touch with current times.

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