Don’t think too hard about that video, Dr. Joe.

You know you’re out of touch when a friend sends a link to a YouTube video, which you forward to friends in the press only to find they’d covered it a week earlier. That happened to me a few weeks ago when I forwarded the now-famous-among-printers Pazazz Printing video to Adam Dewitz at PrintCEOBlog only to have him reply that they’d covered it more than a week earlier, and just what rock had I been hiding under?

What can I say? I have kids. I just moved. Work’s been busier than usual…and I’ve been out of touch. Ouch!

Anyway, Dr. Joe Webb wrote a short bit about it last Monday,(paid subscription required) that was generally not too flattering.

Lighten up Joe. It’s a YouTube video. It’s “New Social Interactive Media 2.5”. It’s all a grand experiment, and while the language and attendant bleeping was a bit tiring it was very refreshing to me to see a) folks excited about printing enough to make any video, or even a book with that kind of message, b) printing folks internet savvy enough to make the video and see any benefit to doing to, and c) a printing company president gusty enough to do it.

My parent company’s web site,, has an Alexa rank of ~622,000. Lower is better – Google’s rank is 2. My best-friend’s wife’s site, has an Alexa rank of ~250,000, just lower than’s 270,000. QuadTech’s site (10 million), as well as that of it’s competitors ( = 8 million, not ranked) are generally in the millions along with this blog (2.3 million).

The web doesn’t seem to be very strongly embraced by the “ink-drinkers” in general. I think things are changing, and it will be some day. In the mean time, I say applaud those with the gumption to give it a try who can show the rest it’s not fatal.

3 thoughts on “Don’t think too hard about that video, Dr. Joe.

  1. Ummmm… so we’re okay because no one will really see the video? πŸ™‚

    Remember, I did say it was a guilty pleasure. My comment was meant more for the people who thought it was some great leap forward that showed the value of print.

    There’s an old saying that if you can’t explain what you did today to your children over dinner, then you probably shouldn’t have done it. Well, I guess Warren probably has no children living at home. πŸ™‚


  2. Let’s see:

    “I made a cool video that over 70,000 people have viewed, what’d you do today kids?”

    Easy enough.

    I DID find it a big leap forward. Aside from all the Schadenfreude noise, I thought this showed a really big leap toward the use of new media. I’ll leave it to Warren to judge the ROI, but comments from him via email seem to suggest that he’s happy. He got massive attention to his business for very little and had great fun doing it.

    Make no mistake. For a CEO to step out of the comfort zone and put himself out there like this takes real courage.


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