Lowe’s replaces the cabinet

We’ve been on and off the phone with Lowe’s and their contractor, and one of the things we agreed to recently was that we could come to the store and pick out a replacement cabinet for the one that got broken during the floor installation. Last weekend we decided to take them up on that.

We decided to get ClosetMaid shelving instead, because it’s a small dark space we’re filling, and we thought we’d get more storage and it would be easier to use. The price turned out to be a wash, but it didn’t really matter. All we had to do was gather up the stuff we needed, bring it to the service counter, and Lowe’s took care of it.

After a bit of installation the shelves were up and being stocked. Our instincts were right – they are a huge improvement over what we’d had, for less money than it would have taken to replace the original cabinet.

We’ve got a date picked out for the reinstallation of the floor, and we’ve agreed on how to fix the damaged molding. All that’s left is the damage on the hardwood floor, but we’ren ot sure what to do about that.

While this got off to a rocky start, both Lowe’s and their contractor Premier Professional Services have been following up and interested to get it resolved.

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