Lowe’s drops the ball again

We were supposed to get a call yesterday to arrange the reinstallation of the flooring job done so poorly by Lowe’s.  No call. Not really surprising given how things have gone so far.

Today we did get a call from Chris at Lowe’s, asking if they should come and install a new cabinet to replace the one they broke. We had two problems with this, the first being that we hadn’t seen a cabinet and would like to have some say in what’s being installed in our home. The second problem is that there’s no point in installing a cabinet on a floor that is being replaced.

He wasn’t really calling to give us any official news, except to say we’d be getting a call from their contractor. In business, when you have to make a call to the customer to tell them that someone else will be calling to solve their problem your ears should be ringing with warning bells. Things aren’t working right. Either the person who can solve the problem should be calling right now, or you should be able to solve the problem.

Seems like the run-around is starting…off to send some certified mail.

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