Linkedin no longer worth paying for

I’ve been an avid user of for years now, but today I asked them to cancel my business subscription. I’m tired of paying for services not received. I’m tired of features that come and go with no notice to users. I’m tired of glitches that cannot be fixed, with no apology or explanation beyond “Gee, we don’t know what’s wrong.”

I get 2 questions per month, everyone else gets 10. They’ve taken away the stats on who is looking at my profile, which and other sites have given from the beginning without limitations. No reason why, no notice of if or when it will come back. That’s unfortunately how Linkedin operates these days – one day you have it, one day you don’t. That’s if the site is up, as they’ve had a number of outages lately as well. Assuming your account hasn’t been frozen because someone you met decided to forget about you and complained. My account was never frozen, but the threat is enough to keep me from inviting people.

I’m not even sure the features I’d get with a Personal Plus account are worth $60 a year. I really don’t want to give them any money at all.

I’ll still keep my account open because I think the service holds great promise. It can be a great resource for research. I hope that Linkedin can learn to live up to their brand and value proposition. But until they do, someone else can fund them.

In the mean time, there’s, and various others I’ll be taking a look at.

Ironically, of all the requests I’ve made to Linkedin over the years, the one request that was most quickly & easily responded to was the one to cancel my subscription.

5 thoughts on “Linkedin no longer worth paying for

  1. I’m just on the Personal Plus plan, but I’m fast approaching your level of disdain for LinkedIn.

    It’s a generally useful service, but it’s like living in a Third World jail. You never know when the dictator will decide that what you’re doing will now be punished.

    In the meantime, you can back up your LinkedIn connections for portability. I wrote about that here.



  2. I haven’t paid for LinkedIn in over a year. Honestly, there isn’t enough of a benefit for me to justify the monthly charge.

    If I didn’t connect with so many people, I’d probably get rid of the service. Every time you turn around, things change and LinkedIn doesn’t have a legitimate explanation as to “why”.


  3. In the world of the internet your 15 minutes of fame are often just 15 seconds. It takes leadership and vision to last, like Google. I like LinkedIn because it exposes and connects me to loads of people, but I’d love it more if it came with more instructions (not “click here”, but do things like this or that to better network). It’s a powerful tool, but not reliable (I to have experienced many outages recently). I feel like a criminal trying to connect with someone. Isn’t it more addicting the more connections you have? Then why does it feel like they don’t want you connecting with anyone?
    LinkedIn, you can be so much more than you already are.


  4. I agree Steve – I do use LinkedIn quite a bit but have never paid for services and have started looking in other places. I recently signed up for FastPitch after attending a webinar on features and benefits – I even paid for the platinum service which was reduced for a short time after the webinar.. I haven’t done much with it yet, but I like the fact that I can post alot more information including photos, podcasts, and I see value in the press release service…only time will tell.


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