More on the Red Oxx Air Boss

I’m sitting in Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport, and next to me is my Red Oxx Air Boss, with Tom Bihn Brain Cell. It’s proven so far to be a pretty awesome combination.

The bag isn’t full – I’ve only got two shirts, underwear, socks, undershirts and a pair of pants on one side and a jacket in the other side, with my laptop, toiletries and a few gadgets in the middle. It’s a bit heavy, and the strap padding could be a bit thicker. But it didn’t even come close to sliding off my shoulder.

The outside pocket did fine to hold the things I need handy, and the slip pocket held my very threatening zip baggy of toothpaste to satisfy TSA regulations. The bag is not small, but it doesn’t feel big either. Like an oversized briefcase. I’ve actually carried briefcases heavier than this, back when I used to think I had to carry 5 books on a flight 😉

I’d originally thought the shoulder strap was a bit narrow, but I discovered an advantage to it – it fits the clip on my blackberry holster better. It’s the width of a men’s dress belt, so that makes sense.img_0674.jpg

There it is sitting happily in an airport chair.img_0675.jpg

I pulled the Brain Cell out a bit so you can get a look at it – the two bags make an awesome combination.

So far the only suggestions I would have are:

  1. Add a pencil/pen slot or two at one end of the large slip pocket. You could just run a line of stitching about 2″ long about 1″ in from an end to form a short sleeve that would hold a pen perfectly.
  2. If you put a bit of padding at the bottom, carrying a laptop directly in the bag would be a lot safer.

So far, it’s been a good bag!

3 thoughts on “More on the Red Oxx Air Boss

  1. I have an Air Boss and love it. Absolutely excellent. I carry my laptop in the middle compartment and padded it using a strip about 4″ wide cut from a cheap camping sleep mat and jammed into the bottom leaving it long enough to run 10″ upward at each end for some protection there as well. It stays in place and does the job very well. Plus I’ve got the rest of the mat to use for other padding if I need it somewhere.


  2. It’s times like this that I had my own site for reviews. I just finished a trip of the Air Boss and it pains me to say it but I just can’t like the bag. Everything about it is great but I am not comfortable with 20+ lbs on my shoulder. It doesn’t matter who makes the bag or the quality or the features. If my luggage creeps into the 20 lb range then I want it on wheels or on my back with two straps. I’d say this is why I gave up on briefcase style laptop bags long ago and turned to backpack style. Even though it’s not a professional look it’s just infinitely more comfortable to me and worth it.

    Almost all the positive reviews of the Air Boss have said the reviewer failed to fully load the bag. I think this is a mistake. The bag is praised for it’s size and capacity and comfort but when not loaded fully it’s not a fair comparison to other bags.

    Since you carried your laptop with you I assume you were close to a weight that I find uncomfortable so perhaps it’s just a preference issue. But I found myself fidgeting all while waiting in line for the xray machine while people with wheeled bags and backpacks all looked as calm as could be. I love Red Oxx and I wanted to love this bag but I was envious of everyone else in the xray line. But I think I’m the only one on the planet who has ever not loved the bag so take it with a grain of salt.


  3. Matt,

    You raise a really important point that many forget when thinking about carrying on: Weight. When I have my computer in my Air Boss, it’s just about at the maximum weight I want to carry. I find it’s a nice motivator to take less. Even so, on some airport jaunts it’s still too much.


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