New Printing Industry Blog

The folks at are bringing us a new service – a blog: They even chose a good platform, WordPress.

In the past I’ve blasted WTT but I think this site was a brilliant thing to do. The print industry needs to embrace new media, and working to bring the CEOs to the table is a great step. Print will not find ways to leverage this technology until they understand it from a user’s perspective. So making more users is a good thing.

A few things they need to consider for the future:

  • You’ve got a list of the contributing authors on the side – how about making those links to the posts by those authors? WordPress will do it.
  • Categories – you’re going to end up wanting them anyway, and they’ll make older content much easier to find than search alone.
  • How about graphs of various industry stats in the sidebar? You can get the software to do it here, you can see how I use it on my run log here.
  • New media = user participation and the formation of a conversation. The really golden value will be in the user comments – how about a recent comments block on a sidebar, or most read comment, most commented post, etc.
  • I know there aren’t many industry blogs out there, but how about a link list?

Thanks for bringing it to us!

One thought on “New Printing Industry Blog

  1. Steve, thanks – mostly for the tips. I plan on taking care of as many of those today as I can. They are all really good pieces of advice! I missed where you blasted us, gonna have to check the archive! 😉


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