Joe’s Goals

One of the blogs I read is From Where I Sit, Michael Hyatt’s corporate blog. He used to have a separate blog for personal stuff, called Working Smart, but has since combined the two. He writes some interesting stuff, particularly when it comes to personal development.

First he had an interested post on Non-Negotiable Disciplines, which I thought was valuable because many of these disciplines are things folks try to set as goals, but they really aren’t goals. Goals are growth oriented (implying a previous goal or standard to be beat) where disciplines are more stability oriented – do this or risk increased instability in your life.

Anyway, he quickly followed it up with another post on Joe’s Goals, a nifty little web tool for monitoring and scoring behaviour. Now is the time of year where most of us are thinking about our lives and the changes we want to make, and this is a nice tool to help leverage that enthusiasm.

Basicallly, you define several goals, and then each day you score yourself on how you did. A neat adders is that there’s a little snipit you can include on your blog to show the results, so I added it to Lornitropia. I’m still tweaking what I want to have in there, but have a look, and maybe it’s something you can use to get this year off to a good start.

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