Finding Milwaukee Daycare Providers

If you live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and you’re also frustrated trying to find good daycare at reasonable prices then we have something in common.

We’re very happy with the last facility we used – St. Joe’s CDC on 17th and Oklahoma – but it’s expensive so we’re looking at in-home options now that we have two children. We went looking for a list of daycare providers, and someone wanted to sell one two us for $40, but I figured we could get it for free from the state. You can.

But it’s in terrible format – so I’ve revised it into a much more friendly excel format where there’s only ONE row per record. Now you can sort by city, facility type, and what not. You will need Excel to look at the file, though.

You can get the file by clicking here.


One thought on “Finding Milwaukee Daycare Providers

  1. Hi, Steve!

    Thanks for putting this together. We’re looking for daycare, too. Do you have any recommendations from this list?



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