No eReader for Blackberry?!?

As you might know from a recent post, I bought a blackberry a short while ago. Aside from a few minor issues getting it working with the exchange server at work, it has been a great device.

Except one company doesn’t agree. Motricity, the people who run eReader, says that they have no plans to support Blackberry with a version of eReader. That means that the books I have bought from them over the years won’t work on my Blackberry. That really sucks, but I suspect it will suck more for motricity than for Blackberry. I know I’m not going back to a palm that can’t deal with networking or a windows mobile machine that takes forever to do anything and crashes all the time, giving up reliable email in the process, just to be able to read their books. Let alone buy more of them.

Here’s to hoping they change their mind. In the mean time, I guess it’s back to paper.

One thought on “No eReader for Blackberry?!?

  1. well, if you would like to continue building your ebook collection, you can consider using mobipocket and purchasing only mobipocket ebooks. that’s what i’ve begun to do – especially since mobipocket reader can also be installed on palm if i decided to switch back in the future…


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