Am I cool now? We are now Mac owners!

We finally did it. After years of discussing, hemming and hawing, and debating over whether it was worth it we finally bought a Mac. A friend from work, one Mr. Craig DuMez by name, had been telling me that I wouldn’t ever really be cool until I owned a Mac. Today he not only told me I was cool, but welcomed me to the cult and assured me my regulation black turtleneck Mac-owner’s uniform was in the mail 😉

It’s a Mac Mini, because we already had a very nice LCD monitor, and we wanted the lowest possible cost way in to the Mac world.

So far I’m mostly impressed, but also disappointed. Keeping in mind that it’s only been about 2 days, here are the grins and gripes:


  • The UI seems very slow. The machine itself is quite speedy at things like copying files, but the UI is constantly stumbling over itself. I don’t know if I have something set wrong, but with 1Gb of ram memory shouldn’t be the issue. It’s just very annoying the way I go to click or grab something and it just doesn’t take for the first few tries, and then it catches up all of a sudden.
  • Getting iTunes to accept my old windows library. It just wouldn’t let me pick a new library. I finally had to over write the old one.
  • Not being able to resize a window from any corner, only the lower right hand corner.
  • No status indicators on many things. There are frequent times when the machine has understood my request, and is trying to comply, but there’s nothing to tell me that. It’s easy to think it’s just frozen.
  • Trying to remember to hit the “command” key instead of the “control” key on our Microsoft keyboard.


  • Starting up iSync and syncing my wife’s Motorola phone via bluetooth in about 90 seconds, with no starting over.
  • Hooking up our windows compatible external hard drives and being able to read them.
  • Dragging our entire photo collection into iPhoto, and it simply digested them.
  • Ecto. A great blogging client.
  • The overall simplicity and elegance of things. Not that it really adds to productivity, but it does add to the feeling.
  • Selecting a bunch of photos in iPhoto, and hitting “burn”, and it only asks for a blank disk. Nothing else. One blank disk later (either DVD or CD, it doesn’t matter except for capacity) and I had my photos on disk.

The real test, and a good chunk of why we bought the mini, is video. We haven’t had a chance yet, but we’ll be testing it soon.

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