Social Networking Systems as CI Tools

I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t gotten to posting this until now. Back in February I wrote an article for Competitive Intelligence magazine, titled Social Networking Systems as Competitive Intelligence Tools. It finally came out in the July/August issue, and they’ve encouraged me to put it up here. It’s my first ink on paper article, and I’m happy to finally see it!

As I suppose is always the case when there’s 6-months between writing and publication on a subject as dynamic as online social networking systems (Linkedin, OpenBC and the like), there are going to be some changes. Linkedin found and shut off the feature that allowed people to see the true number of connections that people have, [UPDATE: A friend let me know tonight that it still works for name search] and have also started to crack down on the number of profiles that can be viewed in a given time period, limiting the usefulness of LICM.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy it!

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