Help out a researcher

Adam Dewitz is one of the few printing bloggers out there, and I would have to say that he is one of the best. He posts regularly, on topic, and has been doing it for just about a year which is longer than most blogs make it. One of the things that make it easier, I suppose, is that Adam is doing research on printing. More specifically his thesis is on web to print, a pretty hot topic these days. It has to do with the infrastructure behind getting content from the publisher to the press.

Anyway, Adam is a student at RIT, the flagship institution for printing technology, and is currently working on his thesis. Since this is a heck of a lot of work, RIT considers him to be a full time student.

Unfortunately the folks over at The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation didn’t agree, and three days into the semester decided to pull his scholarship – one he’d received for the second year in a row. So Adam, being the entreprenurial soul that he is, has mounted a fundraising campaign. He’s asking folks who believe in the value of what he’s doing to contribute.

Think back to the days when you were in school, and trying to finish your studies, plan for your future and have a life and some fun at the same time.

You can donate via paypal (credit card) here

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