test post on blackberry

I recently got a blackberry 7130c on Cingular, and it was a matter of time before I tried to post from it. Its really not so bad, although the autocorrection seems a little unpredictable.

The email is, of course, awesome. This is a crackberry after all.

One thought on “test post on blackberry

  1. Wow, this is great! I love the woodworking section! I hope you’ll be posting more projects soon. Your blog was the first thing on the Google list when i searched for how to build a crib. We’ll be moving out of the country soon and I’m searching for a lot of plans before we move. It’s expensive to ship everything we’ll need so we’ll be building things when we get there. I’ve bookmarked your page so my husband can get some ideas before we go. I hope you’ll be posting more projects soon. It should be fun since they have such pretty wood in the jungle! Can you imagine what the critics would say if I told them that our homemade crib will be safer than putting my baby to sleep like everyone else, in a hammock three feet from a fire that is left unattended in a thatch house all night? 🙂 Thanks a bunch!


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