HighBeam.com shutting down?

UPDATE: Ok, I had two folks saying it worked for them, so I thought perhaps it was me. Well, it was. Not me exactly, but the cookies on my machine. Not my machine, exactly, but on my USB drive that holds the copy of Portable Firefox that I use. I discovered that when I tried HighBeam without using the cookie, it worked. I could log in, and it still worked. But if it saw one of several cookies on my usual installation, it didn’t work. I deleted the cookies, and that fixed it. Go figure.

HighBeam.com has long been a very cost effective way to get access to all kinds of published material, and because of that I’ve used it for research many times.

However, the past week it only returns an error when I try to use it:

An error occurred on the page you were attempting to view. This error has been logged
and will be reviewed by our technical staff. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I’ve tried to contact them via email, but there’s been no response. I’ve tried calling their Chicago office, and the voice menus work, but nobody was picking up at customer service so I left a voicemail for the receptionist (who was unavailable).

Does anyone know if these guys have gone out of business?

4 thoughts on “HighBeam.com shutting down?

  1. I just ran on a search using HighBeam and received the usual good results. So at least the system seems to still be operational, at least as of 3:40 pm EST on Tues July 25th.


  2. The site works for me too (both Library and Reference. They just put out a press release for their renamed and redesigned free online encyclopedia: encyclopedia.com, so I doubt they are going/have gone under.


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