Looking for a new dentist…

I had my biannual dental appointment a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I had to cancel. You see, I was representing my company at an industry function where I was speaking, and the date was set after I’d made the dental appointment. For whatever reason, the Quad/Dental appointment hadn’t been registered in Outlook so I’d forgotten about it until I got their reminder phone call. My employer, QuadGraphics runs their own medical and dental facility. The idea is to keep costs low by running it themselves, and that way they can presumably keep all of us employees healthier as well.

Or so you’d think. When I got the reminder call, I called them back to change the appointment. The sunshiney voice that answered the phone quickly changed to brusk bureaucrat as I explained the reason for the call (was calling two days ahead of the appointment, so this wasn’t really last minute) and asked for a new appointment.

The soonest they could get me in was October. Four months after the original appointment.

The alternative was to be placed on the last minute cancellation list, where they would find me when the next poor bastard has to cancel and give me his spot. It’s been two weeks, and there are no spots.

So I’m looking for a new dentist. I’d like someone in Milwaukee. Know anyone good?

One thought on “Looking for a new dentist…

  1. Dear Patient,

    Greetings from Incredible India!

    You may be surprised to receive this response from a far off land, India, and not from Milwaukee area. It is not clear from your webpost the nature of dental problem suffered by you. If it is not minor nature, wish you Good Luck to be able to find a new dentist locally. But if you are looking for a major dental treatment, cost in India are nearly 65-70 percent cheap and the quality of dentistry same or even better with many dentists what you find is available in the US. It may be interesting for your employer as a long term saving who is footing the bill, in part or full.

    Happy smiling!



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