Is there also a communication gap?

I was on the phone with a friend today, and he was lamenting how business had changed. You see, he’s an account rep and works from his home. Most of his communication is electronic, and he was explaining that there just wasn’t any time for casual conversation any more. Everything’s email, facts, and data. Nobody has time for lunch, or a phone conversation anymore.

Contrast this with my wife, who’s main method of communicating with most of her family is email and instant messaging. Sure, they do call each other, but they comminicate electronically much more frequently, usually by instant messaging.

Teenage use of text messaging on phones is epidemic, with folks differing on the ultimate results. Regardless, a lot of people find it possible to have meaningful communication via text messaging, and anyone who’s used it knows how limited it is.

Is there a communication gap as well as a technology gap?

Are we going to look back a few or ten years from now and see that companies staffed with people who learned to communicate effectively using faster methods were more successful?

One thought on “Is there also a communication gap?

  1. I dont think there is a term called communication gap. But if two person has been “gapped” by the communication technologies, i shall call it social gap due to limitation of interpeosonal communication. Human needs regular face to face communication. just imagine how the social touch will become poor and poor when the parents or friend limit their social contact, chatting or meet and take the communication technologies such as handphones, fax, internet or computer mediated communication as a substitute to the face to face communication. I would agree that the communication technologies create social gap among human. I would suggest that we could create one day in a week and nobody in our family shall use the technology, and any communication shall be done face to face. Coma and meet.


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