Hey Xerox – Keep posting!

A short while ago, just before IPEX I discovered the In The Balance Blog. It actually started a few weeks earlier, but as I said sometimes I’m a bit slow. I was excited to see it. Way too much of the marketing in the graphics industry is purely one-sided, old-style stuff. I think it’s a built in fear of the Internet, but I’m no psychologist. Anyway, I think blogging will be a great thing for graphics and it was great to see Xerox take the lead.

But I just went to catch up, and lo and behold there’s not a single post since April 10th. Now I’m in no position to crow about poor posting frequency as I’ve gone several weeks post-free many times myself, but I’m also not a corporate blog. Not many folks are sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to see what I write 😉

Xerox: I hope you have not given up. These things take a little time, and you cannot expect to build buzz with 26 posts in less than a month’s time. I’ve been doing this for over a year, with over 220 posts and I’m still waiting for the buzz to arrive. Keep posting!

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